Self-tipping During the Merry Season

Every now and then I try to break my lunch routine and take a two minute walMs Birdie Crackersk down to a black run wholesale to get a fresh bun and cheese, raisin bread and cheese or Ms. Birdie crackers and cheese, which I generally have with a Lucozade or a Malta.

Recently I ran into an acquaintance on my way there and we began talking about the snail paced service and the high staff turnover that was evident at the location. I  pointed out that there was a female cashier who seemed to be doing well as she had been there at least since early 2015. He was very familiar with the employee and to my surprise, suggested that she was only getting along with the boss as she had taken a different approach to stealing. He said other workers stole from the company but she stole directly from the customers; instead of taking from what she collected for the company, she took her cut from the change to be issued to the customers!

I laughed loudly as it made perfect sense! I could easily recall that on more than just a few occasions, I had to go back to her for change in coins ranging from 15 to 40 dollars! With the bosses’ numbers reconciling well and with no knowledge of what was happening, this employee had managed to position herself as the ideal.

Cashier positions are very low on the salary scale across industries – minimum wage usually. While there are very honest minimum wage earners, there are others who will risk reputation, employment and freedom to get more.

As the merry season nears its peak, shoppers are expected to spend more to get gifts, update their households and to prepare festive meals. With possible extra income from a bonus, money from abroad or from a special loan, it is quite easy for the fancy of the season and the psychological effects of being temporarily better off, to distract from change checking.

Tip if you will but don’t get tipped; it may be more than just coins and it will matter come January.

C. E. Clarke for help Mi Consulting



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